About us

After almost a century of experience VLB Bread Slicers is known for its high-quality machines and therefore ranking the top of all Bread Slicers.

Our machines are suitable for a broad market, artisan baker, affiliates, semi-industrial bakeries, supermarkets, petrol stations or lunchrooms. Depending the affinity your company has with bread, we offer you the most appropriate slicing solution.

Our motto is: “Where tradition meets technology”, meaning in our current context “To this very day our slicers are all manufactured artisanal and passionately like a century ago”.

We are committed to you as our loyal dealer, ensuring you receive the best attention and service right up to our after sales.

VLB Bread Slicers has always been a traditional family business, we find importance in conducting a business in all honesty. As a customer, you can always count on our customer-friendliness and reliable service.